About Project


Project goal

The overall objective of the project is to raise competitiveness of the Serbian enterprises and industry by enhancing Quality Infrastructure in the Republic of Serbia and creating favorable business environment for enterprises' establishment and growth while increasing their ability to produce safe products.

The purpose of this contract is to improve the implementation, legal framework and enforcement of EU harmonized policies in the area of Free Movement of Goods in the Republic of Serbia. 

Expected results

The overall aim of this project is to contribute to raising competitiveness of the Serbian enterprises and industry by enhancing Quality Infrastructure System and creating favourable business environment for enterprises’ establishment and growth. Through activities carried out by this project higher level of protection of consumers will be achieved by providing conditions for quality products fulfilling safety standards to be placed to the market.

The project will be implemented by technical assistance, trainings, workshops, and awareness raising activities, advisory services and study visits. All the activities shall be implemented with a strong orientation to capacity building and transfer of know-how.

  • Health protection
EuropeAid reference
  • Component 1: Legal harmonization in prioritized areas: personal protective equipment (PPE), construction products, motor vehicles, pyrotechnic articles/explosives for civil use, as well as in the field of horizontal legal framework and preparation of strategic documents in the field of QI
  • Component 2: Strengthening capacities of the relevant authorities and QI Institutions (line ministries - ME, MTTT, MCTI, MI and ABS, ATS, ISS, DMDM) and CABs
  • Component 3: Strengthening capacities of the line ministries and market surveillance authorities to enforce legislation
  • Component 4: Awareness raising activities addressed to consumers and economic operators
City / District
Based In Belgrade, implemented throughout Serbia
EU Contribution
1,450,600 €
Negotiating chapter
  • 1 - Free movement of goods
Implementation period
December 2019 - August 2022
Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Serbia
Implemented by
Consortium led by Quality Institute