Project presentation on Quality Week and Quality Council

March 22, 2022

Team members of the project “EU for Serbia – Support for Safer Products” participated in Quality Week event that has been held on March 10 and 11th in Chamber of Commerce of Serbia. 

Quality week is manifestation 31 years old with aim to present actual topics, to show good practice examples and to encourage economies to participate for the Oscar of Quality. The event is organized by Fund for Quality Culture and Excellence and under the auspices of Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Serbia.

The project was also presented during the first session of the Quality Council that was held on March 15th. The Quality Council was established by the Government of the Republic of Serbia with the aim of monitoring and analyzing the implementation of activities in the field of infrastructure quality, as well as giving opinions and recommendations important for improving the quality of infrastructure.

The experts from the project “EU for Serbia – Support for Safer Products” presented main achievements of the project. “We tried to explain the organization of the Quality Infrastructure system and the Market Surveillance approach. The presentation informed of the achievements in relation to the legal harmonization, strengthening of the quality institutes and the delivered capacity building and specific training as well as support to the Serbian Market Surveillance authorities”, said the Team Leader of the project Mr. Claes Skjernov.

His colleague and Key Expert for Market Surveillance, Borut Matkovic, informed the audience about the activities related to communication and visibility, the campaigns that the project is planned to implement in order to raise awareness about the importance of safety of specific products.

The European Union is providing continuous support to Serbia to facilitate removal of technical barriers to trade and ensure alignment with EU best practices and standards in the area of free movement of goods. Several technical capacity projects were implemented amounting to over 10 million € where 4 million € was allocated for supply of laboratory equipment to 10 laboratories and also – Directorate of Measures and Precious Metals.