Why are standards important and how much do they change your life?

September 11, 2022

With the intention of emphasizing the importance of using standards and participating in standardization, the campaign “Standards matters – participate in standardization” was launched as a part of the project “EU for Serbia – support for Safer products”. The campaign will last during September, through two TV spots and promotion on social networks. 

The European Union supports the Ministry of Economy and the other line ministries in harmonizing the legislation of the Republic of Serbia with the legislation of the European Union in the field of free movements of goods. Free movements of goods, along with the freedom of movement of people, services, and capital, is one of the fundamental freedoms on which the European Union is founded because the unique and common market is the core of European integration. 

This campaign, whose goal is to point out the importance of using standards and participating in standardization, is one of several media promotions that will be carried out during the project, which is aimed at further improving the process of harmonization and implementation of regulations that are necessary for the integration of the economy of the Republic of Serbia into the single European market. 

“Standardization contributes to more efficient performance of business processes, compliance with regulations and building the trust of users, suppliers and other interested parties. Application of standards can improve the business of any organization, regardless of type, size and activity. The Institute for Standardization of Serbia (ISS), as the only national standardization body in the Republic of Serbia, adopts Serbian standards (SPRS), which are harmonized with international (ISO and IEC) and European standards (EN). More than a thousand local experts are engaged in the work of commissions for standards and related documents. They voluntarily participate in the adoption of Serbian standards, as representatives of their organizations: business, scientific research and educational institutions, state bodies, professional and consumer associations. In this way, the principles of publicity and transparency in the process of adopting standards are respected, as well as achieving optimal benefits for the entire society”, said from the Institute for Standardization of Serbia. 

When national product regulations are harmonized with European Union legislation, they ensure equal treatment, increased competitiveness, lower prices, and greater and wider choice for consumers. This ensures an equal level of protection of public health, consumers, and the environment in the European internal market. 

“All products placed on the market must comply with high standards – they have to be safe for use, protect the health of citizens and contribute to the preservation of the environment. It is a process in which all actors have an important role and responsibility – both institutions and citizens and companies,” said Head of Operation Section in the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Serbia Mr. Martin Klaucke.

The European Union is providing continuous support to Serbia to facilitate the removal of technical trade barriers and ensure alignment with EU best practices and standards in the area of free movement of goods. Several technical capacity projects were implemented amounting to over ten million euros.